09 February 2010

the sweet slices.

{the scene.}

A cozy, two bedroom apartment in Small Town, NS.

Him and Me. Together. In the same place. For the first time, ever.

{the reason.}

For him: To finish school and get the signed, stamped and sealed piece of paper hanging on the wall.

For me: Him. As well as cheap rent, the promise of a well paying waitress gig, and the experience of small town life.

{the problem.}

What does one do in Small Town, NS? 

How does one make friends when the days of "Oh! You have lots of 'My Little Pony's?" and, "Oh! We're in the same homeroom? Let's be friends!" are far behind us?

What can one fill her days off with, when he is stuck at school, gigs and rehearsals from early morning until well past the daylight hours?

{the solution.}

I toyed with the idea of writing a blog from the moment we decided to move here together. But, the thought of writing "101-New-Things-I-Will-Try Blog" and "What-I-Cooked-For-Supper Blog" sort of made me cringe. Too over done. Too theme-specific. So, I abandoned the idea of blog writing, and concentrated more on blog reading.  As the months passed, I found myself trying new things, making new (real and lifelong) friends, and generally feeling good about spending time at home, alone.  I realized, its these sweet slices of life - the experiences and projects and still frames you slice from your busy (or sometimes boring) day - that make you *sigh*. These slices might be a new recipe, a walk with a friend, a couch-cuddle with him, newly discovered music, a DIY project, or just a quiet afternoon alone - but, I think they warrant remembering.

So its the 'sweet slices' I would like to share with you. In the hopes that you, too, might revel in the act of finding a friend, a food, or a quiet moment, that you might 'slice' from the chaos of your day and *sigh* with.

x. {sweet b.}

{edible slices.}

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