26 May 2010

tunes-day. on wednesday. {the waifs}

Me:  (puts menus on table) Hi! I'm B, I'll be your waitress today.
Customer:  Thanks, B. So do you go to school here?
Me:  No, actually I graduated from music school at University Z a few years ago.
Customer:  Oh, music school, eh? I guess that explains why you're waitressing! (winks and erupts into hysterical laughter)

Yes folks, this happens to me on a several-times-weekly basis. I always join in the laughter and make some smart retort, but, inside I'm really thinking "Well, if that's my excuse for waitressing, what's your excuse for being so rude?" *best waitress smile*

The truth is, I'm a waitress by choice - not by necessity. Sure, I could be doing lots of other things, but right now I like waitressing! I like the lifestyle, the hours, the paycheck, my customers, the TIPS! When I'm ready to go try something else, I will! But, for right now... stop bugging me and eat your fish & chips!

{a classic progression}

Now, onto the music...
Funny enough, I actually heard this song - by {this} amazing band - while working as a waitress...


The Waifs: The Waitress
{from the album: Sink or Swim}

Next week's Tunes-day will be coming to you live from my new apartment! If I ever get there...
And, no, I am not writing this post from inside my box fort.

Back to packing! 

25 May 2010

moving week: episode 1

Moving To Do List

Make numerous lists (of no actual use): CHECK!

Take a break: CHECK!

Ruthlessly toss things (and regret it ten minutes later): CHECK!

Take a break: CHECK!

Procure boxes (and drag them home in a sun shower): CHECK!

Take a break: CHECK!

Pack boxes: FAIL. EPIC FAIL.

Build amazing box fort: WIN!

That's right, folks. After dragging home a whole whack of boxes from work today - with every intention of being super proactive and filling them all with my belongings - I proceeded to first, take a nap, second, watch an old episode of Californication online, third, cook dinner, and finally...

Build an awesome box fort and photograph myself drinking a Corona inside said amazing box fort.

Perhaps, I need to get my priorities straight... Or, perhaps they're right in line.

Round two tomorrow... Wish me luck.

'Night! {B}

{PS: Tunes-day, will appear tomorrow... making it 'Wassailing Wednesday.' (???).}

24 May 2010

moving out and moving on.

Though my number one reason for being in Small Town, NS has literally left the building (see: post #1 - him,) I somehow find myself still here - and happier than ever. The cozy, two bedroom apartment, a 10 minute walk from Main Street, is suddenly sprawling, empty and what seems like a hour's walk from my life. So, dear readers, I am moving!

Be warned: I am the world's worst mover -  and, I plan on documenting this abhorred process right here before your very eyes.

This was May 24 weekend, and I had three days off. Three days to fill with plans, lists, packing and progress. However, it was May 24 weekend, the weekend when that burning ball of fire in the sky decided to make its long awaited arrival, and I found myself less involved with moving on and more consumed with slacking off.

I spent the days tooling about town: camera in one hand, iced coffee in the other. I danced with my girlfriends, rocked out to this amazing band with my work buddies, and ate eggs for breakfast three days in a row. I procrastinated by baking brioche, grilling fish, re-potting plants and crushing a six-pack of Corona. And, you know what? These are all the things I  didn't do all year. The things I am finding time for now.

Packing can wait... I'm having fun.

I'd better get moving...
x. {B}

20 May 2010

the kindness of (virtual) strangers.

Working as a waitress can be a demanding, exhausting, soul-sucking job.

"This beer is flat!"
"I want my fries extra crispy!"
"Yes, I do want exact change for $8.98 from a ten dollar bill!"

Sometimes, I want to kill my customers.

But, then there are my regulars. The singles and couples, after-work drinkers and after-school wing eaters, who - week after week - find a table in my section, plop themselves down and proceed to plaster a genuine smile across my face as I rush them their beers (two at a time) and potato skins (extra cheese, side of hot sauce.) Some call me by name, others silently revel at the fact that they needn't actually order out loud any more, and some go out of their way to brighten the day of a tired, blister-footed waitress.

Last night L, one of my Friday evening regulars stopped by the pub. He asked if I had a moment and pulled me to the side of the bar.  The 50-something gentleman proceed to open a black briefcase filled with smooth, circular, wooden bracelets.

"This is my last week in town. So, for always remembering my Rickard's Red and extra sauce for my fish - I'd like you to choose one to have for yourself."

As I looked more closely at the beautiful jewelry, I recalled a brief conversation a few weeks ago, where L told me about the wooden jewelery, bowls and other works of art he creates. I was so deeply touched by this man's thoughtfulness and generosity, not to mention giddy with the acquisition of new jewelery!

Its the L's of the world who make my job a pleasure and even a joy. They get me through the "sauce on the side! Where's my bill??? Just give it to me to go!" kind of days.


18 May 2010

tunes-day. {michael franti & spearhead}

Imagine how much easier life would be 
if we could all just dance our points across...

{from the album: Everyone Deserves Music}

peace. {b}

11 May 2010

tunes-day. {the raconteurs}

A horn section.
A ripping guitar solo.
Lyrics that say what you've been trying to say all along...

This song's got it all.

Many Shades of Black: The Raconteurs
{from the album Consolers of the Lonely}

x. {B}

10 May 2010

a thousand words...

Happy Monday.
x. {B}

04 May 2010

tunes-day. {holly cole}

One sticky summer night in '08 I was creeping the Atlantic Jazz Festival website in hopes that they had released the year's line-up.

They had.

And right at the top of the list was Holly Cole.

I nearly cried.
(read: I bawled. And immediately purchased two tickets.)

She performed this song that night,
and every so often (when I really, really need it,)
I turn it up loud, close my eyes, and let myself go.

Holly Cole Trio: Cry (If You Want To)
{from the album Don't Smoke in Bed}

x. {B}

bad, blogger!

I'm still here.
It's been a crazy few days... 
But, I'll be back with photos and stories and food soon.
I promise.

x. {B}