26 May 2010

tunes-day. on wednesday. {the waifs}

Me:  (puts menus on table) Hi! I'm B, I'll be your waitress today.
Customer:  Thanks, B. So do you go to school here?
Me:  No, actually I graduated from music school at University Z a few years ago.
Customer:  Oh, music school, eh? I guess that explains why you're waitressing! (winks and erupts into hysterical laughter)

Yes folks, this happens to me on a several-times-weekly basis. I always join in the laughter and make some smart retort, but, inside I'm really thinking "Well, if that's my excuse for waitressing, what's your excuse for being so rude?" *best waitress smile*

The truth is, I'm a waitress by choice - not by necessity. Sure, I could be doing lots of other things, but right now I like waitressing! I like the lifestyle, the hours, the paycheck, my customers, the TIPS! When I'm ready to go try something else, I will! But, for right now... stop bugging me and eat your fish & chips!

{a classic progression}

Now, onto the music...
Funny enough, I actually heard this song - by {this} amazing band - while working as a waitress...


The Waifs: The Waitress
{from the album: Sink or Swim}

Next week's Tunes-day will be coming to you live from my new apartment! If I ever get there...
And, no, I am not writing this post from inside my box fort.

Back to packing! 

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