24 May 2010

moving out and moving on.

Though my number one reason for being in Small Town, NS has literally left the building (see: post #1 - him,) I somehow find myself still here - and happier than ever. The cozy, two bedroom apartment, a 10 minute walk from Main Street, is suddenly sprawling, empty and what seems like a hour's walk from my life. So, dear readers, I am moving!

Be warned: I am the world's worst mover -  and, I plan on documenting this abhorred process right here before your very eyes.

This was May 24 weekend, and I had three days off. Three days to fill with plans, lists, packing and progress. However, it was May 24 weekend, the weekend when that burning ball of fire in the sky decided to make its long awaited arrival, and I found myself less involved with moving on and more consumed with slacking off.

I spent the days tooling about town: camera in one hand, iced coffee in the other. I danced with my girlfriends, rocked out to this amazing band with my work buddies, and ate eggs for breakfast three days in a row. I procrastinated by baking brioche, grilling fish, re-potting plants and crushing a six-pack of Corona. And, you know what? These are all the things I  didn't do all year. The things I am finding time for now.

Packing can wait... I'm having fun.

I'd better get moving...
x. {B}

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