25 May 2010

moving week: episode 1

Moving To Do List

Make numerous lists (of no actual use): CHECK!

Take a break: CHECK!

Ruthlessly toss things (and regret it ten minutes later): CHECK!

Take a break: CHECK!

Procure boxes (and drag them home in a sun shower): CHECK!

Take a break: CHECK!

Pack boxes: FAIL. EPIC FAIL.

Build amazing box fort: WIN!

That's right, folks. After dragging home a whole whack of boxes from work today - with every intention of being super proactive and filling them all with my belongings - I proceeded to first, take a nap, second, watch an old episode of Californication online, third, cook dinner, and finally...

Build an awesome box fort and photograph myself drinking a Corona inside said amazing box fort.

Perhaps, I need to get my priorities straight... Or, perhaps they're right in line.

Round two tomorrow... Wish me luck.

'Night! {B}

{PS: Tunes-day, will appear tomorrow... making it 'Wassailing Wednesday.' (???).}

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