27 April 2010

tunes-day. {sharron matthews}

I figure its time to up tunes-day's CanCon rating - so, for this week's installment I'd like to take things in a different direction and introduce you to Sharron Matthews.

The Toronto-based cabaret and musical theatre powerhouse breathes new life into broadway standards, pop classics, and even a bit of rock with her fresh covers and larger than life sense of humor. Her hit variety show "Sharron's Party!" played to sold out houses in TO from 2005 to 2009 and featured some of Canada's greatest singers, actors, comedians, writers, columnists, rock climbers, chefs, tour operators... (well, maybe not those last few, but you get the picture!)

I was first introduced to Sharron's music as I was preparing my own one-woman cabaret in 2007. Searching for new perspectives on old songs, I stumbled across the following video. Though I didn't end up adding it to my show, it has stuck with me ever since. On days when I need a bit of song therapy, I sit at my piano and belt this one out with many thanks to Sharron Matthews.

Sharron Matthews: Stop. In the Name of Love
{from Sharron's Party!}

x. {B}

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