07 March 2010


The gift of a jewel can carry with it many messages: 'I love you,'  'I'm sorry,'  'your grandmother wanted you to have this,'  'I totally forgot it was your birthday and I saw this in a shop window just in the nick of time...'

So tonight, as I wade through the boxes and dishes and hangers holding the jewels passed to me for one reason or another, I realize I don't own anything that says, 'I am my own person and I bestowed this upon myself in celebration of this." A situation which, I daresay, must be remedied!

It's not that I don't treasure the meaning and memory behind each piece given to me; it's that I long to look at my collarbone, earlobe or finger and think, not of the giver, but of myself.

Therefore, I give you...


I hope to wear one of these soon!

x. {B}

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