31 March 2010

tunes-day. {steve poltz}

Rarely in our lives are we lucky enough come across a live performer who - within the span of an evening - actually makes you laugh, cry, swear, sweat, dance and then collapse from exhaustion. For me, this performer is Steve Poltz.  I was lucky enough to meet Steve while working at this bar/restaurant/music venue/all-around-good-time space in '08 and '09. After my first Poltz experience, if I wasn't scheduled to work during one of his shows, you would damn well find me perched at the bar, or peering around the corner from the lobby.

Not only is the man a laugh-riot-tear-jerker, guitar-star and master story-teller; he is a kind and gracious customer and always tips his waitress (after taking her for a spin around the dance floor, of course!)

The man straight up blows my mind. If you ever {EVER!} have the chance to see him live; DO IT! But, for now, enjoy the following... I guarantee you'll be YouTubing his songs all night.

"Light In Your Eyes"
{Steve Poltz - Live at The Carleton: July 2008}

 "Impala" (featuring Coco Love Alcorn)
{Steve Poltz - Live at The Carleton: March 2009}

'Til next Tunes-day!
x. {B}

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